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Andrew Henderson

Andrew is the four-time World Freestyle Football Champion and the UK`s freestyle champion for the past five years running. With a social following of over 300k and his YouTube videos amassing over 10m views, his tricks are skills are known across the world.

Collaborating with Henderson will allow us to showcase the camera capabilities of the Xperia X in a real life scenario (capturing his fast football tricks) within an engaging and sharable piece of content.

This allows us to hero the phones features, without getting into a ‘spec war’ with our competitors.

Proposed Activity:

Film Andrew breaking 5 football-related official Guinness world records in 24 hours on the streets of London:

  • Hanging keepie-ups – Tower Bridge

  • Around the world’s in a minute – Covent Garden
  • Face rolls in a minute – Buckingham Palace
  • Balancing a ball on his head – London Eye
  • Sitting down keepie-ups – Potters Field

Opportunity to incorporate the device into the video in place of the football with social content shot on Xperia X.
Interview discussing his X Moment – when he lost his professional contract/won first freestyle competition.
Participation in @XperiaGB’s football week at the wc/ 27th June
Timing: Filming to take place 27th June
Press materials to be shared 29th June