The Challenge

Americans know that Dawn is great for cleaning oily messes. Whether it’s in the sink or at the seashore. Since 1978, Dawn has been partnering with conservation organizations to help save over 75,000 birds and marine 

mammals affected by oil spills and environmental catastrophes. In 2018, Dawn wanted to celebrate their 40th anniversary of making a difference, and to share this important legacy with a new generation.

The Insight

The beauty of America’s marine environments – and the impact of environmental disasters – can seem remote and abstract to people in the city. We realized we had to bring it home in an innovative and spectacular way, one that also told the real, on-the-ground story of Dawn’s life-saving assistance. 

The Idea

To mark this big anniversary, we created a spectacular event in one of New York’s grandest and most iconic spaces: the main hall of Grand Central Terminal. Dawn partnered with actress and activist, Kate Mara to showcase how Dawn is used to help animals, in partnership with International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center. 

To immerse our guests in nature, we built a beautiful, dynamic projection-mapped experience of 75,000 birds flying around the ceiling and walls of Vanderbilt Hall. Commuters were enthralled by the arresting projections and drawn into informative exhibits about the delicate process of cleaning and rehabilitating each animal.  Plus, when they posted on social media to spread the word, guests could take home a Dawn Scrubtastic Sponge. We even ran a 40th Anniversary contest, giving consumers the chance to win an amazing wilderness experience with Dawn’s wildlife partners.


Daylight Savings